We are what we eat: Unave Marunthu (Food is Medicene)

When It comes to immunity there are a lot of things to talk about and to be discussed. A baby born through normal delivery has more immunity than Cesarean delivery is something I have read. Another thing is baby should drink breast milk which has antibodies and other elements that support the baby’s immune system. After the baby is grown and at the age of 4 and above they start getting some good friends and play outside which makes them immune to various things around them. and helps to escape from indoor germs and bacteria. Now the children are not going out and having a lot of time with their electronic devices. Each generation is so different.
Now there is a lot of new diseases the cause for it is more human and animal interactions as more deforestation taking place they are becoming part of our habitant location or we are moving there raising building which is not keeping the balance in the ecosystem.
The next thing is the food we eat. This is the main reason for everything as “Unave Marunthu”(Food is Medicine). The change in food habits affects our immunity and metabolism. Each country has a food habit based on their weather condition and what are the available food items in their region. We are what we eat so always eat the required food and which is good for our body and not for our taste buds. There are a lot of Indian receipts that are lost which are the preparation of food using various herbs and shrubs. There is no need for medicine, protein powder, or vitamin tablets if we eat the right amount of food in the right quantity at the right time.
I have seen many people who had fallen out of routine and not having a perfect time to eat, bathe, meditate and exercise after this lockdown. Follow a good routine. Don’t be lazy as we have technologies for many things and our physical effort to do things for reduced. So exercise and meditate regularly to keep your body fit.
Last but least is having a good 8-hour sleep which helps to wake up fresh without any drowsiness. Sleep is necessary as our body rejuvenate. Sleeplessness creates a lot of health issues. All the above things mentioned all necessary for good health. Don’t forget good health doesn’t mean curvy, sexy, or having a six-pack. It is all about maintaining a routine with all the necessary habits to keep our bodies healthy.